Who's Vacuna?

Vacuna is an ancient Italic goddess, matron of well-being.


We have very few news of her, but we know that once she was loved in the lower central Italy - between Campania and Lazio - even before the Roman Empire was born...


She was venerated and invoked for rest after heavy labor or long journeys, for fertility and sources, for leisure and contemplation. These characteristics are preserved in the root of her name, which we still find in words suc as "vacation".




 Bassorilievo raffigurante la dea alata Vacuna con l'arco (Chiesa di S. Maria Assunta, Montebuono)
Bassorilievo raffigurante la dea alata Vacuna con un arco
Moneta raffigurante la dea Vacuna (volto e corpo alato)
Moneta raffigurante volto e corpo alato della dea Vacuna

We have chosen to characterize our structure with the name of a woman, mysterious and divine, protector of the well-being and the rest of her guests... And also ours!


She is the one who inspired and guided us in designing Vacuna Pleasant Rooms, and that continues to inspire us so that we can offer to our customers quality experiences, at gentle prices...