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Who is Vacuna?

Vacuna is a very ancient Italic goddess, matron of wealth. We have very little information about her, but we know that she was once worshipped in lower central Italy-between Campania and Latium-before the Roman empire was even born... Worshipped and invoked for rest after heavy labors or long journeys, for fertility and springs, for idleness and contemplation. Such characteristics are preserved in the root of her name, which we still find in words such as "vacation."

We chose to characterize our facility with the name of a woman, this mysterious and divine, guarantor of the well-being and rest of her guests... And ours! She is the reminder and inspiration that guided us in designing VACUNA Pleasant Rooms, and continues to inspire us so that we can offer quality experiences, at gracious prices...


Attention to details

Care for the customer


Apartment Superior

Via Domenico Schiappoli 2, Napoli

Living room with a kitchen

Fully equipped with dishes, cutlery and utensils, microwave oven, induction cooker, dishwasher and more

Two bedrooms

double beds with open closets, 40" flat screen TV and air conditioning


with maxi shower, double sinks, hair dryer, linen and bathroom kit included

Where are we?

Our facility is located behind P.zza Medaglie D'Oro square, between two ancient neighborhoods of the city, Vomero and Arenella, which together make up the Fifth Municipality of Naples.

In the immediate vicinity, you can find the most useful services: ATM, 24h supermarket, pizzerias and bars, tobacconist, laundry, hairdresser, hardware store, and many more... All within a radius of 400 meters, including the Hospital Area which is only 6 minutes away by car or bus.

Thanks to its location, you can easily reach many sites of interest such as the Villa Floridiana and the Certosa di S. Martino, or go shopping in the very popular Via Scarlatti or the historic Antignano market. In addition, there are two stops on the Yellow Line 1 subway, both only 500 meters away: Montedonzelli and Medaglie D'Oro. Thus it is possible to reach the heart of Naples in less than 10 minutes...

Contact Us


+39 08118086669



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